About the S&W® Club 30

During a training course with Smith & Wesson® in 1992…
…the idea was born to found a club of qualified gunsmiths.
The aim was to admit to this association only members qualified particularly in the area of hand guns, and committed to participating in annual further training activities.
 In 1993, the Smith & Wesson®-Club 30 Germany was entered in the register of clubs.
Since it was founded, the members of this association – highly motivated and exceptionally well-qualified gunsmiths – have jointly been pursuing the aim of introducing new or proven innovations into firearms manufacture and tuning.
As trade journal reports show, the association has thus far succeeded in its aim.

The S&W® Club 30 warranty certificate

Anyone can offer a discount on S&W® revolvers,
but as well as a fair price, we also issue you with the S&W® Club 30 warranty certificate:
• Free initial inspection after 12 and within maximum 24 months
• 36 month guarantee (which is 1 year longer than prescribed)
• Preferential terms of overhaul and repair

Club 30 warranty certificate

S&W® Club 30 members also offer:
• Continuous training for expert knowledge and experience
• Special tools
• In-house replacement parts store
• Well-thought-out concepts to upgrade your firearm