Anniversary revolver
S&W Club 30 revolver mod. 629
"25th anniversary Club 30" .357 mag

A unique cylinder based on the S&W 629 revolver has been developed - manufacture fully in Germany.
This exceptional cylinder – coupled with the quickly exchangeable barrel – showcases S&W Club 30 Germany's outstanding engineering performance.

• The barrel bore itself is also manufactured from a raw material made in Germany, with a special polygonal profile.
• The barrel jacket is made from high-strength aluminium, so the overall weight remains below the DSB limit of 1.500 g.
• The cylinder has a quick exchange system: It takes just a touch of a button to easily separate the cylinder from the frame, and almost any Smith&Wesson revolver can be retrofitted.
• The fully adjustable LPA sight "TXT" and the specially made target front sight promise a precise picture in the window.
• The complete firearm is coated in black DLC (diamond-like coating), and the barrel bore is steel grey.
• The brand-new NILL plywood grip panels in the exceptional "Phil Hemphil" contour turn this fabulous firearm into a true eye-catcher.
• The limited number of this firearm and the engineering excellence invested in this model mean that the price of € 3.995,– is a great investment opportunity.

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